Whilst reading about CCTV, I found lots of different statistics none of which I expect to be accurate. I guess there's no real way of working out if they are or not. For instance, in London there are supposedly 422,000 cameras and on average you are likely to be captured on CCTV 300 times a day. When I hear this it reminds me of George Orwell's classic book 1984, wherein we are told: 'Big Brother is watching you'. This is so true that this is now a well known TV show. People then somehow make careers from that - strange again.

cctv camera.jpg

The 'telescreen' system that is mentioned in 1984 is an announcement and surveillance system. It is used by the ruling party and continuously monitored by the Thought Police. The telescreens also provide party propaganda.  The current CCTV's we have don't really give out information just take instead. There are many other ways propaganda is fed to us now so no need to worry there! With all this in mind BBC Culture wrote a great article on the way 1984 could actually be now.

cctv - 2.jpg

Finally the 3 images in this post are cameras that I have designed in Adobe Illustrator. From looking at photos online I created the images and added my favourite coloured gradients.

cctv - 3..jpg

Brutal and Dark architectual street photography

Street Photography - The Dark Side

A part of street photography that I enjoy capturing is often the surrounding architecture. In the case of the images below they show the brutalism and have a simple feeling of darkness to them. Two of them were captured in London and the other in Oslo, Norway. All 3 pictures have been edited in Adobe Lightroom, I used a preset (that I made) as a starting point and then worked around to see what I liked the look of. A key part of the edits was adding radial filters, these made light pop out and in some cases darken specific areas. Apart from the filters all of the other adjustments were done within the 'Basic' edits section of Lightroom.

Looking at these images I could have done a before and after but I'll let you think about what they could have been before.